Gucci Mane Shows No Sign Of Stopping On New Metro Boomin’ Assisted ‘Drop Top Wop’

Written by Samee Anibab

Gucci Mane is back with another mixtape. After being released from prison for a gun charge last year, Gucci has consistently dropped project after project and has scored big hits with his appearance on Rae Sremmurd’s Black Beatles. This time he links up with trap producer of the year, Metro Boomin, for a short album on the anniversary of his release. Does this one stand out from the crowd?

On 5 Million, Gucci starts off strong; bringing you back to exactly what you want from Gucci. He flexes about cars, money and haters over a hard beat from Metro Boomin. Gucci sticks to the same catchy flow through the track, rapping about his success in life and the people that tried to hold him back. If you know Gucci you know he’s not quite the criminal he used to be and on Tho Freestyle, he talks about his old life. Ending each line with “tho”, but with no hook, Gucci tells you about where he used to be and his struggle to get out.

Hurt A Nigga Feelings falls a little flat compared to the rest of the project. I’m not even going to lie I’ve heard Gucci Mane talk about being a millionaire in what feels like a million times and I’m not really interested in hearing it again. Helpless is actually an amazing song; at first I thought this track was perhaps too emotional and personal for Gucci but it’s actually fire and you need to listen to it for yourself.

Met Gala brings us to the halfway point of the rollercoaster project. This is without a doubt the best song on the album. Offset steals the show and murders the banger Metro gives them. Gucci manages to stay on par with him, rapping faster than usual and showing that his flow still can’t be touched.

With Finesse The Plug, don’t let the interlude tag fool you; this is the longest song here and it doesn’t disappoint. The beat is amazing and Metro shows you that he’s really one of the best producers out. Gucci slows it down, perfectly matching the beat for one of the best tracks on the album.

Dance With The Devil I almost like a cue for Gucci to break it down just a little bit more than normal. He talks about how he’s sinned to get where he is, showing you both sides of his life and how hard he had it coming up. You can hear the regret in his voice and the thought he put into his track, talking about his regrets and the thin lines he’s walked, but also saying ‘In every neighbourhood there’s a Gucci’. It’s not something you expect from Gucci Mane but every now and again he gives you a personal, dark song about his life. I’m just surprised he didn’t mention the amazing Ice Cream face tattoo to be honest.

Both Eye’s Closed is another standout on the tracklist, with 2 Chainz and Young Dolph bringing two great verses to the table. It’s the opposite in mood to the last track; here Gucci gives you a catchy song about loving life and the position he’s in.

The last two tracks, Bucket List and Lost For Wurdz are typical Gucci, with a great feature from Rick Ross and are perfect examples showing that if you are a fan of Gucci Mane, his latest mixtape with Metro Boomin will be perfect listening for you. It’s not quite anything new, but the two are a great pair and give you classic Gucci tunes in a way that’s more focused than he’s ever been.

Listen to Hurt Feelings below to get a good feel for the project’s vibe

Credit: OfficialGucciMane


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