Mabel’s New EP Is Ready-Made For The ‘Bedroom’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Mabel McVey, one of London’s rising R&B stars, has released her new project, Bedroom.

The project is a four-track EP dedicated to love, life, sex and relationships. Featuring some already well received singles like Finders Keepers (featuring Kojo Funds), Bedroom looks to cement Mabel’s sound in 2017 and in British music.

Opening up with the title track, we get given some context on where and how and why the project has come to be. The punchy and sultry single is perfect for a late night vibe and gives Mabel an opportunity to really showcase her vocals, toying between story-telling and demanding between the verses and chorus. The electro vibe that the song introduces is a very nu-R&B feature, yet one that adds a different dimension to Mabel’s game.

Moving swiftly on, we find ourselves at Finders Keepers. We’ll keep this short, however it must be said that Kojo’s Afro-Swing vibe most definitely comes through and really shows how comfortable Mabel feels on a much more old-skool R&B sound that resembles that of many 00’s tracks that we still love today. The addition of Kojo will also be welcomed by many of those shouting about the superior class of British urban music in 2017 and the more they show that, the better.

Ride Or Die is Mabel’s opportunity to darken the mood a little, show leadership and ultimately control; over her voice, over her love life and over her career. Lyrics like “I need your touch / But don’t call it love / You know I’ve got no time for that” and “make it a joy ride / And I’ll ride and I’ll die / And I’ll take a test drive with you” show a certain level of songwriting and expression but also that Mabel is not any old female singer, she’s here to really express herself.

Talk About Forever is a collaboration between Mabel and Tate Modern to commemorate the inauguration of the new Tate Modern building. The song was specifically written for the partnership, but at the same time is a narrative of insecurance and real love and fits perfectly on the EP too.

The final track offers some hope at the end of the EP, perhaps to show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel for us all, or that maybe love is just a circle as we go through these emotions of lust, obnoxiousness, insecurity and eventually love?

All in all, Mabel’s new project is a very bright start to the singer’s 2017 and with her headline tour coming in the autumn, we will be seeing a lot more from Ms McVey in the months to come.

Watch the video for Bedroom below.

Credit: MabelVEVO


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