Enter Shikari Drop Surprise New Collaboration With Big Narstie

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

After a period of relative quiet from the rave-rockers from St. Albans, Enter Shikari, in true Shikari style, have broken this silence, with a new track Supercharge, featuring none other than the defender of bass, Big Narstie.

Quite frankly, this collaboration was incredibly unexpected. It’s rare that artists from these two genres would ever produce a track together, the only circumstance springing to mind being Staring At The Rude Bois by Gallows, which featured Lethal Bizzle.

Both Enter Shikari and Big Narstie are known for breaking out of the relative worlds they inhabit, with Shikari progression from the original post-hardcore ethereality of Take To The Skies, into something a lot more reliant on electronics, notably heavy dub and bass.

Supercharge is Shikari using the sound they have been perfecting these past few years, but focuses less on the guitar, and more on the synth-work of frontman Rou Reynolds. The track itself is pretty fun, but can come across as a little melodically flat at times, particularly in the chorus, where I think Shikari haven’t tapped into their full potential.
Narstie’s bars are a fun little addition, but seem to be rather crowbarred in. An issue with getting a rapper to feature is, in most cases, you only get one verse. In this song, I don’t think it is enough. Big Narstie has come across as a much more powerful voice in previous collaborations, most notably in When The Bassline Drops, by Craig David.

That being said, the beat is funky, and the track does get your head bobbing, and the breakdown at the end is intense. It won’t be a classic, and it will probably fall on deaf ears in grime circles, but it is wonderful to see these two artists coming together to attempt to break down the genre stereotypes that surround the musical worlds they contribute to.

You can check out Supercharge here:

Credit: Enter Shikari



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