Tizzy Gang Look To Stamp Their Authority On Grime With ‘Shekel’

Written by Edward Burrell

Tizzy Gang’s new release Shekel, successfully stamps out the new group’s place in the grime scene, assuming their position was under question. Merky Ace, Vic Santoro and Cadell do not hold back with their sound here, which fuses Grime with UK Drill Rap influences.

Merky Ace seems eager and reasoned to assure us that he is the most underrated MC in the game. His flow is something special, which an array of punchlines and kicklines that seem to go over your head on first listen like:

Snitch on who? Imma cut down grass

Plenty of lyrics are likely to go over your head from all three artists on your first listen, however the hook will stay with you from the off.

Vic Santoro is notoriously bold on his musical efforts and has a huge presence with his verse on the track. His lyrics are most definitely what makes this song so successful as a Drill/Grime hybrid.

However, the best performance comes from Cadell. His “skippy” flow is guaranteed to make you wheel this track up at least once, just so you can experience the hype all over again. The track can do more than another 100 words, yet you’ll know what we mean once you listen to it.

Tizzy Gang boast two other members, who are not on the track, in the shape of Canadian MC Tre Mission and long-time veteran Nasty Jack.

This makes their anticipated album “Opps Next Door” even more exciting.

Credit: GRM Daily


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