Manga Proves He’s Not One to Overlook On ‘Outbursts From The Outskirts’

Written by Samee Anibaba

Manga Saint Hilaire is a North London Grime MC, member of the legendary grime crew Roll Deep, and now part of one of the most underrated duos in grime, with producer Lewi B. The two have now moved on from Manga’s last mixtape, White Jean Suit Confidence to drop a complete album, Outbursts From The Outskirts. Manga’s been teasing the project for a while now after the remix for his tune Different Pattern dropped, featuring verses from JME and President T. But does Outbursts live up to the hype?

Credit: SBTV: Music

The title explains the whole idea of the album; Manga raps about being underrated and overlooked throughout his career (even though he definitely had the best verse on Roll Deep’s classic When I’m ‘Ere), while also touching on other ideas like girls, the grime scene, and his personal problems. He also picks up a number of features that could also be outsiders, including some very lowkey guys Traxx (who I had to Google) and Mikill Pane on the intro En Dehors (its French for Outside, you’re welcome), up-and-coming MCs like Jammz and Novelist (who goes all the way in with the flow on the banger Never Invited), and Roll Deep legends such as Flowdan and Jamakabi.

Credit: PoonTipEntertainment

‘Outbursts’ is the only way to describe Manga’s rapping style; he fires off heavy bars letting you know he’s got something to prove, fully flexing on the second track Outsiderism. He’s constantly dropping punchlines even with his fast flow that will hit you with every listen, like on Shell: ‘Man are getting reloads, oh, that’s cool but I spin that wheel like I parked the car’.

He also picks up some other MCs to show off their bars on the interludes to the album, inviting Izzie Gibbs, Snowy and Maxsta to go all out on a track each, rapping about personal struggles. Manga then does the same on the closer to the album, proving that he won’t be outdone on his own album.

Lewi B as a producer is also very sick; he proves that he is talented and versatile as a producer, able to put out bangers like Slew, while also making very wavy and chill grime tunes like Young. His beats are hard, grimey, but with a very unique sort of old school sound that’s perfect for Manga to flow over.

The whole album is put together extremely well and definitely showcases the talents of Manga and Lewi. Outbursts From The Outskirts has bangers and vibes for everyone. It’s definitely able to stand up with the last few big grime albums from Stormzy, Wiley and Skepta, so if you’re a fan of those albums this one’s for you. Don’t let Manga stay underrated!

Check out the video for Slew below.

Credit: GRM Daily



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