Muse Make A Comeback With New Dystopia Track ‘Dig Down’

Written by Kelsey Raynor

After teasing a new release for the past week, Muse made public a dystopian-theme track by the name of Dig Down for their fans.

Focusing on Dominic’s drums and Chris’ bass more than usual, Dig Down is highly reminiscent of the band’s most recent album, Drones. The track, as well as its video, features a Resident Evil vibe and action-packed narrative displaying a fight for survival against all odds- a common theme in their previous releases.

As ever, Matthew Bellamy doesn’t fail to deliver Muse’s main component within their tracks; impressive vocals which consistently tackle the more serious subjects, such as religion and politics. Nonetheless, Bellamy’s prestigious guitar skills take a backseat in this track as we see Dominic and Chris take control with their drums and bass.

It has been said that this track, which was written, recorded and produced within six weeks, is a single release, rather than an excerpt from a new album.

Muse’s touring this summer sees them stop in the UK for headline sets at Reading and Leeds Festival, as well as at Vital Festival in Belfast, Ireland.

Watch the video here:

Credit: Muse


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