Skrapz Returns To The Scene With New Effort ‘Enemies’

Written by Edward Burrell

The return of Skrapz has been anticipated as his hiatus prolonged, however, his newest release has proved he is just as good as ever on Enemies.

The UK rapper has been known for his darker take on the genre, with an easily distinguishable flow, which draws parallel to the likes of Giggs. The punchlines are still just as strong, giving the impression ‘Ice City’ (the collective he belongs to which includes Nines) have started their campaign to take over the scene. ‘Cold’ is an accurate word to describe the vibe the track gives with the opening line showing how seriously he is taking his return.

The instrumental compliments him well, as he has always been a rapper that likes to rap in a calm but gritty manner, giving his lyrics clarity. It’s very easy to get gassed to this, the hook ensures this song is memorable, but at the same time, it’s somewhat relaxing. It’s a contrast that works so well you will struggle to not bop your head.

With his last mixtape being entitled Skrapz Is Back Pt.2, maybe a part 3 is in the works?

Credit: GRM Daily


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