Sabrina Claudio Gets Sexy On New Single ‘Unravel Me’

Written by Carina Ly

Sabrina Claudio may be on the cusp of becoming one of the long time names remembered in the R&B world, especially after her debut project, Confidently Lost that was released early this year.

The Miami based singer boasts soft and emotional tone to her voice that allows her to switch between sexy and sultry and lost and misguided, something her debut project strongly alluded to.

The new single, Unravel Me, is most definitely on the sexy and sultry side of things, especially with the accompanying video featuring an almost naked Sabrina in a Katy Perry California Gurls pose with a ton of butterflies and greenery covering her ‘lady parts’.

The single is rumoured to be the first from an upcoming album later on this year, quick work for a new artist right?

Check out the video below in all it’s glory.

Credit: Sabrina Claudio



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