Former 1D Member Liam Payne Links Up With Quavo For New Single

Written by Rahoul Naik

One Direction were perhaps the biggest boy band of the last few years and after the exit of Zayn Malik, many questioned how long the band could continue before it just got too boring. The answer was until about 2016. The band recently disbanded with all of the members getting their own solo deals and each of them have gone into their own direction (see Harry Styles’ new pop-rock album).

Liam Payne, arguably the maturest of the bunch, has linked up with one of the Migos to bring a sultry and sensual Pop/R&B single, Strip That Down, with a bunch of clicks, boundy electro-drums and the distance ‘keys’. To think about it, this could have been an Omarion song from two years ago or even a Chris Brown song from five years ago, yet here we are with Liam Payne bringing that sound back into the charts. Some may find it surprising that the track was co-written by Ed Sheeran.

The sound is nothing new, albeit, a new style for Liam to really experiment with; who knew he could do R&B. The addition of Quavo to the track will no doubt help the success of the track and Quavo does come with his own swag and grace that can even elevate a very basic upbeat R&B song like Strip That Down. 

It is unclear if Liam’s debut solo project will have a nu-Katy Perry vibe or if it will flirt between R&B, Pop and Dance; however if this is anything to go by, perhaps he’s just wanting to recreate Chris Brown’s Fame album.

Check out the track below and you better start learning the words, I expect this one to be on rotation in clubs near you very soon!

Credit: LiamPayneVEVO


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