Nick Murphy’s New EP Is The ‘Missing Link’ In His Artistic Transition

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Nick Murphy just released a five-track EP and it’s his first full EP ever since he’s changed his name from Chet Faker a year ago.

It still contains styles that Murphy had when he was known as Chet Faker, but we can tell from Missing Link that he’s more experimental this time from the diverse style and sound. The EP features a collaboration with DJ/Producer Kaytranada on Murphy’s hit track, Your Time.

Credit: NickMurphyVEVO

When Murphy changed his name from Chet Faker to Nick Murphy there were fans who supported his change and fans who were confused as to what was going on. Missing Link is meant to reflect this artistic transition he is going through.

It’s no surprise that Murphy decided to change from a pseudonym to his birth name. Many artists have done this before, and a lot of them for the same reason as he did. A pseudonym often keeps an artist within the boundaries of a certain genre because the name they use becomes attached to the genre overtime, which resists an artist from releasing things outside of what they would normally release.

Along with the release of his new EP, Murphy also announced tour dates across North America and Europe in a cinematic poster style image. Don’t miss it! The transition he is going through as Nick Murphy may be the peak of his career.

Credit: Nick Murphy fka Chet Faker

Check out the Missing Link EP here!:

Credit: Nick Murphy


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