Kacy Hill Releases Two Stunning Singles From Debut Album ‘Like A Woman’

Written by Rahoul Naik

G.O.O.D Music’s understated but perhaps most talented artist, Kacy Hill, has returned to the spotlight with two new songs and an announcement of her long-awaited debut album Like A Woman.

The two singles, Hard To Love and title song Like A Woman both give a real insight into Kacy’s upcoming sound that takes an etherial and electro-pop sound that fits her aesthetic so well and also the theme of the album which is all about sex.

On her website, Hill says that her album is “an experiment in sexuality, an immersive sex positive experience, in which [she] takes listeners into her mind and her world.” Exciting right?

Expect less catchy hooks and more deep lyrics on the new project, with messages around sexuality, longing, desire and curiosity taking centre stage (as well as her beautifully sweet yet commanding voice.

Whilst wait on the debut album, check out the radio-ready Hard To Love below.



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