The My Chemical Romance Reunion Wasn’t All We Thought It Would Be

Written by Eli Sulaiman

Teenagers, Helena, I’m Not Okay, Welcome To The Black Parade, don’t these songs just take you back to a more awkward time? Middle school in particular? My Chemical Romance was a huge part in a lot of our lives growing up so it was pretty sad for fans to watch them part ways.

Recently, the band was seen reunited at a show in Los Angeles and this obviously got people talking, sharing the news and posting pictures and before you know it, rumours of the band coming back together began to spread like wildfire. But that’s all it is. A rumour.

After splitting in 2013, the band members Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro and Frank Iero went their separate ways and focused on their own individual projects. To this day they’re still good friends.

Just a few days ago they were all seen together at a concert, but sorry fans, it wasn’t an MCR concert. The gang did not get together to play a show, they got together to show support for Iero’s band called Frank Iero and The Patience.

This isn’t the first time for My Chemical Romance to bring the hopes of their fans up. Last year they released a teaser trailer (which was pretty dramatic) for a re-release of their album Welcome To The Black Parade in honour of their 10th anniversary. Fans mistook it for a reunion and the band then went on Twitter to clarify the ambiguity.

It’s okay MCR. Your memory will carry on. 


Here’s the music video for Welcome To The Black Parade for a little MCR throwback!

Credit: My Chemical Romance


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