Danny Brown Jumps On A Grime-esque Beat For ‘Silicon Valley’ Soundtrack

Written by Edward Burrell

Danny Brown has always been known to be a unique rapper, his voice alone is easily recognizable. It is fair enough to say Danny has a trademark sound, but it seems with Kool Aid, he’s trying to add something new to his arsenal.

The twist is with the instrumental, which is without a doubt, a grime instrumental. Boasting a tempo closer to 140 bpm it certainly gives across the energy of a grime track, however it also has trap influences with the 808 bassline. What truly makes the grime vs rap crossover, however, is the “eski” style samples used for the verses.

Danny Brown himself slightly adapts himself to instrumental, but other than that, he is very much himself. One thing to note, is the use of a “skippy” flow which few US rappers like to attempt, even when rapping at faster tempos. Charismatic on the mic, giving you a hook that fits with the 808 basslines, you’re not going to forget about this song anytime soon.

The song is part of the soundtrack for TV show ‘Silicon Valley’, the show has just seen the release of it’s fourth season on HBO and is about a small group of young men who found their own tech start-up.

You can listen to the new track below.



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