Simian Ghost Drop Electro-Pop Heaven With ‘When You’re Ready’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Swedish Simian Ghost may not be a name that is on the tongue of many here in the UK, however after you listen to their latest effort, When You’re Ready, you won’t be able to get this off any of your playlists.

Simian Ghost received considerable attention for the pop smarts of Stop Moving last month, and recently upped their game even further with the hook filled When You’re Ready. Sweden might not be the first place you associate with summer, but Simian Ghost are working hard to change your mind.

The band started out as a recording project by Swedish songwriter Sebastian Arnström and after two well received solo releases became a fully-fledged band a few years back – picking up extensive international press and acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, The Guardian (who called Youth a “contender for album of the year”) and, most impressively of all, a lead review in The Times which saw a certain Bruce Springsteen designated a small column that week instead.

The band have since released an ambitious 18 track record in The Veil, and remained close, a family even – Sebastian and bandmate Erik Klinga being exactly that, brothers – patiently honing themselves away to work on their sound, and recently adding a fourth member in bassist Wilhem Magnusson.

In 2017 they arrive having done what any band in their right mind might do to combat the uncertainty of our modern world, they’ve retained both hope, optimism and their all-encompassing knack for melody – and they’ve written a pop record.

When You’re Ready is the 3rd track to be released from their upcoming self-titled LP, and Sebastian says this of it: “A couple of years ago we got this idea that we should write a song for Zara Larsson. She wasn’t super famous back then, and we were really digging her latest single. So me and Mathias sat down with a couple of guitars and wrote When You’re Ready. Then we realised that Zara Larsson wouldn’t want a song from us – so we just did it ourselves instead. It turned out pretty good.”

Having made all their previous recordings at home with minimal equipment and resources, this album will be the first to contain some studio-recorded material. ”We’re just a bunch of guys doing stuff at home really”, the band states, ”so in many ways this feels like our debut album all over again. And this time we’re ready.”

You can find Simian Ghost on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Check out When You’re Ready below.

Credit: Simian Ghost


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