Kanye West Deletes His Twitter And Instagram. What’s Next?

Written by Eli Sulaiman

We can all agree on one thing: US rapper Kanye West is quirky and unpredictable, but he’s got people turning heads and paying close attention, or at the very least giving a hoot. Just recently Kanye deleted his Twitter and Instagram wiping his presence on social media, right after he skipped out on attending the Met Gala.

Kanye is well known for his vocal, out-of-the-ordinary tweets where he gives us his two cents on politics, life, fashion and they were also a platform for him to promote his own music.

Kanye left with no explanation as to why he did what he did, which left his millions of followers slightly confused. His wife Kim Kardashian West on the other hand is still active on social media, and it only brought more people to flock towards her account leaving comments begging for West to come back to the social media scene.

Judging from past accounts of Kanye going off of social media, fans have begun to circulate their suspicion that this could be another marketing ploy. The last time he was off Twitter was in 2013 before he released his Yeezus album. Some say he did this in anticipation of his collaboration with Kim on their children’s clothing line TheKidsSupply. With all the chaos from the media he has to deal with, it may simply be that Kanye West, like everyone else, needs some time off.

The reason behind why Kanye decided to leave Twitter and Instagram is still unclear, but we can’t deny that he definitely got people talking and anticipating his next move.


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