Pete Doherty Performs At Anti Racism March Protesting Against Le Pen

Written by James Crossan

Libertines frontman Pete Doherty has hit headlines once again after performing at an anti-racism march against Marine Le Pen in Paris on the eve of the French presidential election.

The march, which took place at Place de la Republique on Thursday night, was organised by various anti-fascist and anti-racism groups in the French capital.

The presidential candidate in question, Marine Le Pen, has split the nation with her radical plans to close French borders and remove the country from the European Union. She currently lies over 20% behind her opponent Emmanuel Macron in estimations, with the country going to the polls today.

However, Doherty described the threat of Le Pen as “a shadow at the gate”, referring to how close the extreme right candidate was to taking the reins of the country.

Doherty, who also fronted Babyshambles, has been a staunch anti-fascist protester in recent years. He headlined an anti-BNP concert in Stoke in 2009 alongside Kelly Rowland designed to stop the spread of the extreme right wing party in England before the 2010 elections.


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