Jaq Moon Shines A Light On Inner-City Youth With ‘Dark Matter’ EP

Written by Rahoul Naik

Florida native Jaq Moon, dates the likes of Michael Jackson, The Weeknd and The Chainsmokers as modern influences to his music and his new EP, Dark Matter, really does delve into lyricism and music that really explains growing up in an inner-city.

Jaq Moon uses his difficult upbringing to inspire his edgy music, uniting all people of good will no matter their race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, and class. Providing a voice that aims to help people get through their troubles in life.

Like much of the inner-city youth, childhood was a turbulent time for Moon, forcing him to move around constantly, which inadvertently exposed him to a range of musical genres. Music and dance soon became a form of therapy, allowing him to release the trouble and frustration he encountered. He now offers this same support to children by visiting local schools to perform and explain the consequences of actions.

The inspiration behind the lead single, Stay Alive, was ignited when Jaq Moon received a disturbing phone call saying that his father was found unconscious at his home due to kidney failure. Unfortunately, his father is currently on dialysis, fighting for his life. Even though he grew up without his father, a recent reunion between the pair has sparked an endearing relationship, which Moon has no intention of ending too soon due to their close bond.

The current political climate in America began to deeply upset Jaq Moon, with the uncertainty of healthcare under the new administration and this is what gave birth to ‘Stay Alive’. He decided to use the video for Stay Alive as a protest against Donald Trump and his policies, adding an extra edge to his music. Upon the election of Trump, Moon stated that: “It is a sad day in America and I pray for the healing and unity of our country and the world.”

With inspirations ranging from The Little Mermaid to Donald Trump himself, Moon weaves intricate and eclectic stories through his music. Having been compared to the likes of The Weeknd and Chainsmokers, the young urban artist offers a light in a dark industry, thus creating the name ‘Jaq Moon’.

There is so much to say about the singer, however we truly believe the music speaks for itself; something that is difficult to do in the modern age of pop music.

Listen to the lead single, Stay Alive, below.

You can also find Moon on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.

Credit: Jaq Moon



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