The Drums Return In Anticipation of New Album With ‘Heart Basel’

Written by Priyanka Bhattacharya

The Drums are a product of childhood friends Johnny Pierce and Jacob Graham. It’s been 3 years since their last LP Encyclopedia, but The Drums are back for us (sadly without Graham) with their new album releasing 16th June via ANTI Records. Frontman and Founder Johnny Pierce not only wrote all the songs for “Abysmal Thoughts”, but played every instrument heard on the album too, which was home produced between his Upstate New York cabin and Los Angeles. Brooklyn based sound engineer and Eaters’ group member Jonathan Schenke helped manufacture the album and the result is said to be an “unflinching autobiography” of Johnny.

The first single from the album Blood Under My Belt came out a few weeks ago. You won’t realise it until you really listen to the lyrics but the song is a deceptively high spirited and upbeat track about heartbreak.

On May 2, Johnny Pierce shared the second single from the upcoming album titled Heart Basel. The artist explained the story behind this song – “I went through the most significant breakup of my life during the making of “Abysmal Thoughts”. During that vulnerable period, I attached myself to this guy who did not care at all for my feelings, but was good at pretending that he did. In retrospect, I think I knew deep down that he didn’t give a shit about me. But I continued to let him treat me like garbage because I thought if I had this handsome guy with me that somehow I wasn’t doing too bad. Of course now — with some professional help — I see that I was just lacking self-love and while it’s unhealthy to stay in that headspace for very long, it does make for good songwriting. Heart Basel is a song about him treating me “kindly” at Art Basel in Miami and then treating me like garbage after he got what he needed. You live and you sometimes learn.”

With this track we see once again Pierce’s ability to express melancholy in the form of a sunny track with an infectiously catchy melody. If you’re a fan of The Smiths or The Beach Boys, surely you will enjoy this new song, which displays a similar vibrancy, transporting you away with The Drums’ classic surf pop aesthetic and Johnny Pierce’s sweet harmonies. Heart Basel is definitely something you’ll find yourself singing along to (especially if you’re into the indie music scene) and leaves us with a promising insight to the summer release of the new album.

The Drums will be touring this summer, including dates in the UK, which you can find out more about here.

Check out Heart Basel here.

Credit: antirecords


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