Logic Takes A Stance On Preventing Suicide With ‘1-800-273-8255’

Written by Mercedes Shackleton

Logic embraces in his new track, 1-800-273-8255, the reality of many people and does so with the help of Alessia Cara and Khalid, both artists known for talking about the difficulties young people go through every day.

This track is meant to be an anthem for anyone who’s thinking about taking their own lives. In an interview, Logic said the following ‘“Fuck it. I’m going to make this shit an anthem. That’s why it’s like, “I’ve been on the low/ I’ve been taking my time”, it’s like you hear it, who can relate”’.

The chorus is probably the part of the song which brings the most attention, since “I don’t want to be alive” is a lyric that is repeated four times throughout it. However, this is an issue that cannot be sugarcoated, and in order for it to reach as many people as possible it has to attract attention, and being blunt about it is the best way to achieve this.

However, the song lightens up gradually. Alessia Cara’s verse is all about getting out of that place in your mind that keeps you a prisoner “It’s holding on, though the road’s long/ And seeing light in the darkest things”.

By writing and producing this track, Logic has taken a step forward in trying to prevent actions that destroy families. The lyrics are deep and reach your soul, it’s a great track that I’m sure will touch people from all over the glove.

Have a listen to the track below.

Credit: LogicVEV0


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