Luke Sital-Singh To Hit Deaf Institute On Headline UK Tour

Written by Rahoul Naik

Songwriting-savant Luke Sital-Singh will bring his spine-tingling Time Is A Riddle to The Deaf Institute on Monday 22nd May.
Recorded over the verdant and idyllic story map hills of Donegal, this eagerly-awaited new release explores evocative themes of family, nature and and nostalgia. Killing Me, the soul-stirring first extract from the album has already racked-up over a million Spotify streams. Penned for his Grandmother, the track is accompanied by a typically personal home-made video. “It’s cut from digitised cine films that my wife’s late grandfather shot in the Seventies.” Luke explains, “When I watched them, the nostalgic nature and the parallels.. just felt tonally right, and a little note of serendipity. So I edited them together and that’s what we’ve got.” 
Bristol-based Sital-Singh endeared himself with his critically lauded debut The Fire Inside, a heart-warming introduction notable for its deft lyrical precision.
Following on from Killing Me, Luke dropped Oh My God earlier this week.
“Turns out relationships are difficult and worthwhile, complicated and calming, confusing and transparent, exasperating and tranquillising,” says Luke of Oh My God. “Basically the all time greatest thing to write songs about.”
His new album Time Is A Riddle,  to be released May 12th on Raygun Records / Red Essential, demonstrates the sort of care, effort and dedication core to his philosophy.
Check out the rest of the tour dates and tickets here.
Pre-order Time Is A Riddle here.

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