HAIM Return With Heartfelt Ballad ‘Right Now’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

The plucky trio of pop-funk sisters that basically took over the music world in 2013 with their debut album Days Are Gone have finally returned, the down-tempo and solemn Right Now.

It’s quite safe to say that their is a familial musicality that unites these three sisters, whose work has constantly been very tight, well-written, and very fun to listen to. We fell in love with their shared vocals, punchy rhythms, and the faces pulled by bassist Este Haim as she riffs on her instrument. Days Are Gone was the debut album that really showed these sisters could pull together their separate songcrafting talents in a brazen and musically cohesive way – all in all the album was solid, and it ended up being very well received.

Fans have been waiting rather patiently these past four years for anything new from the group, and to be honest, not much has been given away. We have no proper release date, no tracklist, no album artwork. But that doesn’t matter too much, with lead vocalist Danielle Haim stating “We write everything, we play everything, and we help produce everything. These things take time, and we refuse to put out anything we’re not 100 percent in love with,”. One can imagine a lot of effort being put into this work, so a lack of information is ok, if the album is stellar.

Yet we do have Right Now, a scintillating ballad that builds and builds from temperate piano chords, to raw and simple riffs, to dual drumming from Este and ‘Baby Haim’ Alana, which is a very poignant way to end the song. It’s a pretty well-thought out number, yet it is not the most melodic, the most upbeat, the most catchy, but this doesn’t matter. At four and a half minutes this is simply just a taster of what is to come.

You can listen to Right Now right now:

Credit: HaimVEVO





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