Fall Out Boy’s Latest Single ‘Young And Menace’ Fails To Impress

Written by Leo Baldi

So. The consensus is in. Everybody, apart from Pete Wentz, hates Young and Menace, the new Fall Out Boy single.

The song was released April 27th with a new video as the band announced the follow-up to their latest studio effort, MANIA. The band were teasing the release and, as a couple interviews are being uploaded online, the fans have spoken: the song sucks.

The verses are quite smooth sounding and a little enigmatic, they are bearable. But then the chorus kicks in and it proves itself to be one of the worst things in pop music in 2017. Pete Wentz said in an interview with Zach Sangh that he is conscious that the track will polarize, however, as he describes the song with a disturbing excess of “like”s and “cool”s, he reveals that when he played it to some people a reaction was: “is the whole album gonna sound like this?”.

This is the worry of the fans, who are flooding Youtube with angry rant/reviews. People are tired of the narrative of “oh just let the band grow in sound” because the music they are getting thanks to this is quite frankly, bad.

Young and Menace is close to getting the disappointment award for 2017 in the pop/rock category. The lyrics are all over the place, the sound is annoying and irritating to the ears and Stump’s voice is drowned and wasted on the dreadful chorus. It sounds like a terrible attempt to create something trendy and commercial.

Definitely do not recommend it, but if you want to check it out:

Credit: FallOutBoyVEVO


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