The Road To Global 12: Introducing Ni Na

Written by Eli Sulaiman

If you’ve not heard of Global 12, where have you been? If that’s seriously the case, then we’ll update you a little. The Global 12 Festival is a collection, nay, a veritable smörgåsbord of international talent, who are uniting on stage on September 2nd to battle it out for the coveted Global Artist of the Year Award.

The festival is being run by Shodement, who focus their work around exposing new and developing musical talent in the world. Since launching, Shodement has grown to over 3 million combined views around the world and its creative agency arm has executives on the platform that delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Universal Music, Sony Music and SBTV.

In the evening of the festival, 12 artists from around the world will be performing, or I should say, competing to become Global Artist of the Year. Frequency 21 will be introducing all twelve in the months running up to event. Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the acts who will be performing at Global 12: Ni Na.

Ni Na is an Italian electronic duo founded in 2013, consisting of two men named Lucas and Giocomo. Their music derives from the Italian underground sub-culture, mixing up rock and electronic sounds. When it comes to telling us what inspires their music, they responded, “we love every things that revolves around electronic/synth pop music, we got closer to this music many years ago, in particular with the release of ‘Oracular spectacular’ by MGMT we started to dream. We started researching and treating the sound buying new synthesizer and have confidence with DAW. We both have a rock music background, we started to play rock music since we were young, about twelve years old.”

Lucas started off as a guitar player, Giacomo as a bass player. The two are inspired by so many artists like Radiohead, Coldplay, MGMT, Digitalism, Daft Punk, XX, Four Tet, Apparat, Disclosure, M+A.

Ni Na’s dream is to spread their music where they can’t go physically and they say it’ll be “just as if we were travelling, we would like to share stages with great artists, to go out of our country and to know producers who can continually enrich us.”

You can find Ni Na on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Credit: Ni Na


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