Njomza Teaches Us The Harsh Reality Of Love On ‘Sad For You’

Written by Dorica Santos

The majority of you may not have heard of the Chicago singer, NJOZMA, but that’s not a negative thing. It only proves how special she is, and that anybody who experiences her angelic voice is very lucky. When she appeared on Mac Miller’s album, The Devine Feminine, I was only more intrigued to know more about NJOMZA. Luckily, on April 7, Sad For You was released, and I have been addicted to it ever since.

Initially, the artwork attracted me the album; Pink hair, pink make up and pink background. But upon realising who it was, I pressed that play button straight away. The project is definitely for those who need to vibe and feng shui in their life; it is simple and eerily, yet it is unique and beautiful.

The introduction has such elegance, only setting the tone for the rest of the album. Like all albums should, Intro, draws in the listener and persuades them to continue. If you do continue to listen, the combination of NJOMZA raw angelic falsettos and the space-like backing, makes you drifts into your own fantasy world. It is difficult to describe, but just picture yourself floating on a bed of clouds… yeah, like that.

The song highlights the difficulties in a relationship, where one wishes to develop themselves but their love for their partner holds them back, and they damn well know it: I’m sad for you/But you’re bad for me.”

The next track, Poison continues the theme of a difficult relationship, but it is more of a ballad and the notes chosen are quite dark. Both tracks show NJOMZA’s ability to expressive her emotion through her vocals and is very impressive likewise, next to her unique choice of vocal range.

NJOMZA’s darkness is then transformed in Hear Me, where there is a slight upbeat tempo, which is accompanied by lyrics that describe NJOMZA overcoming her relationship. But then, her feelings take over and her remaining tempts her to return to them, which is clearly portrayed in Perfect Fit.

With dark-pop or Pop Noir being really in fashion right now, NJOMZA takes a leaf out of this genre for Perfect Fit. The track’s heavy feeling created by a ton of bass is complemented so flawlessly by NJOMZA’s raspy yet sexy voice. The composition sounds honest, the gradual build up of the bass is almost like an audio reflection of one’s inner struggle to stop going back to a bad thing. The song is in my top three hands down.

For an artwork that is so bright and positive, I was struck by the rollercoaster of emotions that NJOMZA took me on. It is possible this was her intention, thus showing a relationship is never easy no matter how attractive it may seem. The use of synths in each song could emphasise a dream-like atmosphere, however this dream is broken when contrasted with the lyrics containing harsh reality.

I know I probably say this with most artists I cover, but NJOMZA is destined for greatness. Her airy and angelic vocals are not to be ignored, so make sure you give her a listen. You shan’t regret it.

Check out the video for Intro below

Credit: NJOMZA



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