Toro Y Moi Contributes To Progressive Charity ‘Our First 100 Days’ With New Track ‘Omaha’

Written by Priyanka Bhattacharya

Our First 100 Days is a project that aims to protect organisations supporting causes that are under threat by the proposed policies of the present US government’s administration. How does it work? Everyday Our First 100 Days shares an unreleased or exclusive song by different artists via Bandcamp (from 20th January until April 30th).

For a minimum contribution of $30 you can access all 100 songs in the project, with all proceeds directly contributed to organizations working in the field of climate change, women’s rights, immigration and fairness. So why are we updating you on this? Well first it’s a pretty cool idea, and second – Toro y Moi shared his contribution, Omaha, on Day 13 and recently shared the video for the new track.

Chaz Bundick (a.k.a Toro y Moi) seems like a man with a busy schedule, he has multiple musical projects including Toro y Moi, Les Sins, Sides of Chaz, and his newest yet – Chaz Bundick Meet The Mattson 2, who dropped their collaborative album Star Stuff last month. Nonetheless, Toro y Moi was able to contribute to the 100 days playlist.

Omaha drifts away from the artist’s distinctive ‘chill-wave’ aesthetic. Starting with a soft dreamy hook which is instantly pleasing, progressing into nostalgic synthesizers and warm heartfelt vocals, which float effortlessly over the instrumentals. What really stood out is when the track quiets down (vocally) around 1:45-2:07 and develops into the multi-vocal outro (You’re already gone, yeah/You’re already gone, baby/You’re already gone, yeah/You’re already gone, baby ) which is wonderfully mellow, concluding with some classic reverby synths. The lyricism of the track is modest with lines like; Who said its forever?/You’ve got to set your mind free/I don’t have time for this weather/I let it pour over me which I think contributes well to the track constructing a sort of intricate simplicity.

Check out the video for Omaha here:

Credit: Carpark Records


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