The Road To Global 12: Introducing Scott McLain

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

If you’ve not heard of Global 12, where have you been? If that’s seriously the case, then we’ll update you a little. The Global 12 Festival is a collection, nay, a veritable smörgåsbord of international talent, who are uniting on stage on September 2nd to battle it out for the coveted Global Artist of the Year Award.

The festival is being run by Shodement, who focus their work around exposing new and developing musical talent in the world. Since launching, Shodement has grown to over 3 million combined views around the world and its creative agency arm has executives on the platform that delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Universal Music, Sony Music and SBTV.

In the evening of the festival, 12 artists from around the world will be performing, or I should say, competing to become Global Artist of the Year. Frequency 21 will be introducing all twelve in the months running up to event. Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the acts who will be performing at Global 12: Scott McLain.

‘I wouldn’t say that there is an overall message to my music, but in general I find it more natural to write songs and lyrics about the universal topic: love.’

McLain is a contemporary country rocker based in sunny Córdoba. His music is an upbeat of blues and country, relishing in those classic twangy American guitars and jaunty riffs. Last year McLain released the EP Midwestern Boy, a four-track summer country project. It’s filled with up-tempo tracks, which show a complex and talented songrcraft ability from McLain, whose riffs and lyrics play off each other in a fun way.

Credit: Scott McLain

Midwestern Boy is a good example of contemporary country, as it takes from a range of genres, and with McLain’s songcrafting ability, forges them into something incredibly upbeat. Frequency 21 got the chance to speak to Scott, and when asked about what artists influence him the most, he replied ‘Bob Dylan, the Beatles, the Who, Paul Simon, Xoel López would be the top.’ Evidently, McLain is into his classic rock, with also a little of that Spanish heritage, Xoel López being an alternative rock musician from Galacia.

He recently announced that he shall be working on a nine-track album, and began a kickstarter to fund the recording of the work, which has now been filled. It is quite possible that we shall see some new music gracing the stage of Global 12 on September 2nd. I’m sure his heady mixture of toe-tappin’, foot-stompin’, big riffin’ songs about that ol’ universal topic is sure to be a crowdpleaser.

You can find out more about Scott McLain by following these links:

Scott McLain Facebook
Scott McLain Twitter
Scott McLain Bandcamp




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