A Musician’s Guide: 5 Things To Avoid Doing On Social Media

Written by Quite Great Communications

Welcome to ‘A Musician’s Guide’, we’re taking a slightly different approach to our normal music related reporting to bring a special series of articles that will be giving hints and tips to up and coming musicians on how to best increase their reach and get to where they really want to be.

The first of this series looks at social media and some of the common mistakes new bands and artists make when trying to send messages to their fans and followers. Check out and follow the tips below to help your way to success.

Trying to conquer too many platforms 
There are many of them out there all the way from Facebook to Snapchat and 
each of them have a platform for you to tell a story but they all operate 
differently! You just have to find the right one to tell your story best on. 
If you like doing vlogs use YouTube, if you prefer short videos or images use 
Snapchat or Instagram.  
The main thing is to remain true to yourself and decide what platform 
represents you in the best light.  
Inorganically getting views and likes  
In simple terms – DO NOT DO IT!  
Firstly, YouTube rank their videos by time watched not by the amount of views 
you have. Furthermore, you’re only at the start of your journey!  
For example, if the video suggests you’ve got 100,000 views but it’s your first 
single and you can’t be found on Google, then this is going to look odd.  
The validity of your social media activity, especially during the beginning will 
look out of place.  
Plus in the UK we love backing the underdog, so take your time if the 
single is good it will gain the exposure you’re looking for. 
Don’t become an advert  
To keep and to enrich your following don’t just keep posting the same,
repetitive posts every day.  
They want to see your journey. Keep it current and keep them updated.  
As in point, people are receptive to an underdog story, they want to see 
some authenticity and to rally behind someone who is striving for better. 
Don’t feel pressured to spend money unnecessarily   
Your fans know where you are right now; you’re not going to be the polished 
product right away.  
In the early days the photography and video content doesn’t have to look 
fantastic but use what’s around you. 
You can vlog and take photos from your phones, but the key is to post this 
content every single day. 
Do not ignore Social Media completely 
Statistically 90% of people discover their music on social media; this includes 
YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud.  
Post your music out there and interact with people, if someone comments on 
your Soundcloud, reply to them. Showing that you are genuine and sincere is 
how you begin to generate a fan-base.
Check out the video below for some hints and tips and keep your eyes peeled for the next segment in our series.

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