Lust Over Lana Del Rey’s New Track Featuring The Weeknd

Written by Mercedes Shackleton

For the second time, Lana del Rey and the Weeknd have teamed up to make an absolute dream. Their previous collaborations include the single Prisoner and Stargirl Interlude, the last one featured in The Weeknd´s worldwide successful album Starboy, released in 2016.

Being a fan of both The Weeknd and Lana del Rey, I was over the moon when Prisoner came out, and when I got down to listening to it, I was impressed by the final result. I’ve been waiting for another collaboration from both of them since then, and once again, they haven’t disappointed me in the slightest.

The song has the dreamy vibe that Lana del Rey´s musicality tends to imbue, but also the mysteriousness that has become a staple in The Weeknd´s work. Their voices blend seamlessly, and the song isn’t too fast paced; it adds to the ethereal atmosphere. The track is an ode to youth and taking control of your own life, and constantly having a lust for it.

Like I said, I think this track is a perfect blend of both of their styles. Lana´s dreaminess is the perfect contrast to the The Weeknd´s constant dark mystery. Listen to it below.

Credit: LanaDelReyVEVO


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