Tash Sultana Drops Sweet N’ Heavy Track ‘Murder To The Mind’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

The multi-instrumental Australian powerhouse Tash Sultana has just dropped a new single Murder To The Mind. Coming in at 4:20, released on 4/20 (we see what you did there Sultana), the track is a distinctive piece that not only draws upon Sultana’s skills as a guitarist and looping artist, but also upon the realms of contemporary pop, being one of Sultana’s most upbeat songs to date.

The music world has not been able to stop thinking about Sultana since she released her debut EP Notion last year, as she is a stunning example of pure unfiltered talent, crafting her solo shows through using keyboards, synth pads, guitars, trumpets, and a host of other instruments. The instrument she truly shines on though is the guitar, creating solos that are, to reclaim the over-used adage, face-melting.

Murder To The Mind uses a synth loop and funky guitar riff, which Sultana sings over in her evocative and sultry falsetto, culminating in an absolutely staggering guitar solo. It’s an incredibly intense experience, a pop-beat, a mellow synth, and a killer bit of riffing, and stands out as one of Sultana’s more intricately crafted tracks to date.

Sultana will soon be embarking on a four-month international run that includes dates in Europe and the UK, but if you want tickets, you better get them fast, because they are selling like hot cakes. More info on the tour dates can be found here.

Be sure to listen to Tash Sultana’s Murder To The Mind here, because her music will change your life.

Credit: Tash Sultana


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