Shawn Mendes Gives Fans More Music As Tour Approaches

Written by Eashan Naik

Shawn Mendes has released his new single, There’s Nothing Holding Me Back, this week and it acts as a precursor to the singer’s upcoming tour.

The song follows Mendes’ previous efforts in true pop style, making it ridiculously catchy and a modern floor-filler. Heavy drums and rhythmic guitars will get your grandma dancing and no doubt the iTunes charts too.

As all good pop songs now have a core meaning behind easy melodic beats, Mendes takes time on this song to tell a loved one he will not stop to get what he wants; her. It could be seen as a motivational song for those who are stuck in love or perhaps one to help others move on from a past love, either way, it’s clear Mendes is trying to do us a favour.

Speaking to Billboard, Mendes said that he “knew [he] wanted to get it out before [his] tour started, to give fans something new and fresh in addition to everything from Illuminate.

Fans can catch Mendes in the UK towards the end of April and in June too. For more information click here.

Listen to Theres Nothing Holding Me Back below.

Credit: Only Lyrics


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