Elhae Savours Us With A Track From Latest Project

Written Dorica Santos


Up-coming RnB artist, Elhae, has teamed up with Ty Dolla $ign on their latest track, Bang On Your Line. Some of you may have heard of this talented RnB singer when he collaborated with Kehlani for the single, Doesn’t Matter, a track from his album, All Have Fallen, back in 2016.

Elhae voice is undoubtedly sexy, and when combined with the vocals of Ty Dolla $ign, you will definitely feel some type of way. It is clear to see where Elhae gets his inspiration from with lyrics like, You look just like Aaliyah with your hair falling over/ Your left eye/ Crazy, sexy, cool, baby you the truth.” Likewise, it’s clear to see where he wants to put his inspiration, if you know want I mean. Indeed, the song is explicit but then again, what is RnB without abit of romance and sex?

Bang On Your Line is one of ten tracks that appear on Elhae’s latest project, Aura II. Not only does this soulful EP feature Ty Dolla $ign, Elhae has also managed to collaborate with singer, Eric Bellinger, and rapper, Rockie Fresh. This EP is the sequel to his 2015 EP Aura, so if you are really about this life, I suggest you listen to that first before Aura II. Then again, if you cannot wait, by all means, skip ahead.

I promise you, Elhae is not one to sleep on and you can thank me later when I turn out to be right. But for now, take a listen to Bang On Your Line below.


Credit: ELHAE


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