Mac DeMarco Drops His New Single ‘On The Level’

Written by Natalie Fisher

Mac DeMarco has unveiled a new single On the Level which will feature on his upcoming album This Old Dog. Demarco has already released two other singles from the album My Old Man and This Old Dog with the full album scheduled for release on the 5th May through Captured Tracks.

DeMarco himself described On the Level as “kind of a sister song” to Chamber of Reflection from his 2014 album Salad Days. Indeed, the lyrics are self- reflexive and explore ideas of guilt and forgiveness “Carrying a name/Fall until my final day/Now who’s there left to blame?”.  The official audio track on YouTube features a floating Darth Sidious, which accompanies the ideas of being drawn towards darkness “Stand up like a man/ even from the underside”.

The new songs haven’t disappointed and we look forward to the release of the full album in May. Check out On the Level here:

Credit: Captured Tracks


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