alt-J Drop A New Video For Their Track ‘3WW’ And It’s Beautiful

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Alt-j have been teasing us mercilessly with tracks from their upcoming album, Relaxer, over the past number of weeks. We first had 3WW, and most recently In Cold Blood, and today, as if to quench our alt-J thirsts, the band released the new video to their first Relaxer release, 3WW.

“Be firm and say, we suffer.”

Filmed in monochrome, the video begins with what appears to be a grandmother and her granddaughter digging some sort of plant out of the ground in a latin country, while sharing a conversation about mortality.

“A syllable was passed between the lips of your mother and father. That’s how you came into this world.”

Symbolic and portentous, suddenly we find the granddaughter lying dead in a coffin while mourners parade for her, all the while alt-J’s sombre guitar licks permeate the sound of a heartbeat bass.

It’s beautifully shot, reminiscient of old-school westerns in some shots, then turns to more contemporary ways of filming, in the extreme and emotional closeups and the freeze-frame shots (the freeze-frame lightning shot is beautiful).

And then suddenly, that beautiful melody returns. I’ve spoken about it before, and I still can’t get over how pretty it is.

Again, we’ve been treated to the utmost creativity that Alt-j can offer. It’s a beautiful video, and truly goes with the content of the song.

“I just want to love you in my own language.”

Check out the new video for alt-J’s 3WW here.

Credit: alt-J


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