Oh Wonder Keeps Us Wanting More With ‘Lifetimes’ And ‘Ultralife’

Written by Priyanka Bhattacharya

Oh Wonder is the project of artists Anthony West and Josephine Vander Gucht. The London-based indie pop/synth pop musical duo declared themselves in September 2014, promising to release a new single every month for a year, leading up to the release of their debut album consisting of 15 tracks. Each single was written, recorded and mixed in their home studio in London and uploaded to Soundcloud.

Despite their unconventional approach to releasing music and making an appearance to the world, it didn’t take long till Oh Wonder became incredibly popular all over the internet. Since the release of their debut album the duo have toured internationally in countries such as Australia, England, France, Philippines, Russia and United States.

After recently sharing new single Ultralife the duo announced on their social media that their second album titled with the same name will be out 16th June via Island Records. Last Friday they released second record Lifetimes which is about climate change, and takes a slight departure in their traditional sound with more conspicuous beats than usual yet still keeping it simple.

The first verse creates a sort of euphoric vibe with the warm vocals of the pair singing lyrics ‘Cause I found love in you/Doing it right, doing it right/I’ll walk the world for you/Doing it right, doing it right/Seconds, minutes, hours, lifetimes…Doing it right, doing it right. Generally Anthony West features as an undertone to Josephine’s Vander Gucht vocals and it works beautifully no doubt, however Lifetimes premieres West’s first solo verse where he’s almost rapping you could say, singing fast paced to keep up with the beat. Our favourite part of the track is when the beats stop, and the two sing Swing sweet light this earth of mine which features distant sounds of birds chirping (and leaves moving I think) and progresses into the chorus.

Oh Wonder are currently touring and you can find the dates here.


Check out Lifetimes below:

Credit: OhWonderVEVO


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