Jake Bugg And Tinie Tempah, The Collaboration You Didn’t Know You Were Waiting For

Written by Mercedes Shackleton

First of all, this is a collaboration I would’ve never imagined would happen. Find Me is definitely a very unique track, Bugg and Tempah have meshed their styles in a very impressive blend that won´t leave you feeling indifferent.

The track is opened by Bugg, whom I’ve been following since I listened to Two Fingers. His characteristic high pitched and soft voice opens the song, and starts off with the sole companionship of a Spanish guitar. The track picks up tempo with Tinie Tempah, and the mix of the Spanish guitar with an ever so slight bass and the energetic and deep voice of Tempah is a fantastic combination.

Having listened to both of Bugg’s albums several times, this is a style I would’ve never imagined he would try, but I’m so glad he did. Honestly, if you haven’t listened to the song already please do, be prepared to be fascinated by the magic of the Spanish guitar.

Check out Find Me below:

Credit: Tinie Tempah


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