Banks Takes Us To A Different Place With New Release ‘Crowded Places’

Written by Leo Baldi

Banks surprised her fans by releasing a brand new single, Crowded Places.

The artist released her last full length album last September and has since toured the UK and the US. On April 6th she announced some tour dates for Australia and Asia and left everyone speechless when she teased a new song for her upcoming project.

Crowded Places was written by Banks with Tim Anderson and Jack Antonoff, the former being a long-time Banks collaborator and the latter the producer of the new Lorde single, Green Light. The song is a mid-tempo ode to a past lover and a past love, that left her scared of crowded places ever since. The production is very subtle and tasteful, with a sparse beat and a very delicate chord progression. The sound marks a very classy sonic departure from the pulsating bass of Trainwreck and Gemini Feed, standout tracks from her last studio effort.

What is especially intriguing in the new single is her voice. Banks’s vocal delivery seems to be getting better and better as time goes by. The Altar was already a phrasing masterpiece but this song seems to take her vocals even further. Her pipes are fast, agile, emotive and confident at the same time. This song definitely manages to take her in a new musical direction, one that seems more forgiving, less vengeful and less angry than The Altar and Goddess. Let’s wait and see what she releases next.

Check out Crowded Places here:

Credit: banksVEVO


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