Nilüfer Yanya Releases ‘The Florist’: A Soulful Piece Of Shoegaze-Indie

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

London-based indie songstress Nilüfer Yanya has just released her latest single The Florist. It comes as the first release since her 2016 EP Small Crimes, which saw the musician proclaimed as a talent to watch in the coming years.

The Florist is a sombre but heartfelt indie track, which features an incredibly catchy chorus that is ripe for remix. Yanya plucks melodic, shoegaze-esque guitar in a melancholic fashion, while crooning soulfully using her rather unique voice to air qualms about emotional addiction.

Yanya displays interest and expertise in a diverse range of genres, which sets her up as being an artist to watch grow in 2017. We expect big things from her.

Check out Nilüfer Yanya’s The Florist here:

Credit: NiluferYanyaVEVO


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