Bob Dylan Finally Adds Nobel Prize For Literature To Collection

Written by Dorica Santos

The Legend Bob Dylan has finally agreed to accept his Nobel Prize for Literature, making him the first songwriter to do so and the first American since 1993.

For those who may not know, Bob Dylan is a well-known musician (and painter), who has been extremely influential in music and culture for more than five decades. His songs, Blowin In The Wind and The Times They Are-a-Changin, were anthems for the civil rights movements and anti-war movement. Also, he is the master behind the classics, Mr.Tambourine Man, Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door, and of course All Along The Watchtower.

He was awarded the prize in October but could not travel to up pick up the award or deliver a lecture due to “pre-existing commitments.” Bob Dylan and the Swedish Academy agreed to meet in private in Stockholm, where he will be performing two concerts. As a requirement, Bob Dylan must deliver a lecture by June, on tape as agreed, or else he will lose the prize money of £727,000. Esh.

The Nobel Prize in Literature awards will be another amazing award added to Bob Dylan’s list of awards. This list includes, 18 Grammys, 1 Oscar and Presidential Medal of Freedom award. See? Legendary.

Indeed, some of you may not know Bob Dylan, but if you asked an older member of your family I am confident that they will also agree that Bob Dylan is one of a kind. I suggest you start listening to him ASAP. Go on. Get!

Listen to Blowin In The Wind below.

Credit: Naucruz


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