Halsey’s Dark, Sultry Melodies Come Back With A New Twist

Written by Mercedes Shackleton

Now or Never by Halsey is the track you’ve been looking for. Since New Americana came out in 2015, Halsey has been releasing top quality tracks. Her debut album, Badlands, was a best seller and featured the top hits Colors and Castle, which was used in The Huntsman: Winter’s War.

Like many other artists, Halsey has released her first single of 2017, and it’s the kind of song you don’t think you need until you listen to it. Although she’s stayed true to her trademark dark and sultry melodies and lyrics, there´s a slight change to her approach to music. The bass is heavier and the vocals are lower, making the song even more intense. It kind of gives off the vibe Needed Me by Rihanna does in the chorus, which I really like since that track is one of my favourites by her.

This track has crowned itself as my favourite so far. I like that she’s stepped out of her comfort zone and tried a different style; I think it’s worked out great. If this is the line Halsey is going to follow, I can’t wait for us to listen to more of her stuff this year.


Check out Halsey’s Now or Never below:

Credit: HalseyVEVO


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