The Kooks Announce New Compilation And Drop ‘Be Who You Are’

Written by Priyanka Bhattacharya

The Kooks recently announced that they will be releasing a career-spanning compilation album out May 19th. The Best Of… So Far will be featuring the bands favourite tracks from their discography including tracks such as She Moves In Her Own Way, Naïve, and Bad Habit accompanied with two new tracks Be Who You Are and Broken Vow.

Following the album announcement, the group dropped new single Be Who You Are last Friday. The song has an early millennial feel to it and starts off with an upbeat peppy melody consisting of electric guitars and drums, with Luke Pritchard’s distinctive ta ta ta vocals introducing the first verse of the song.

The song transports me back to my teenage self jamming out to songs like Green Day’s American Idiot as the style is quite similar (less angsty for sure); catchy and definitely something I’d be singing along to. However the comparison is only from a stylistic point of view, the sound stays true to the classic (post) Brit-pop and indie rock genre.

In an interview frontman Pritchard tells NME “[It] sounds very much like old school Kooks,” and “I thought it would be good to go with all the other songs, so it’s a nice reflective moment.”

When artists release such an album it always seems like something is coming to an end, but don’t worry The Kooks aren’t going anywhere, the band shared on their social media “It’s been the greatest pleasure making our way to this point and we don’t intend to stop any time soon. In fact, we’re making some of our biggest ever plans. Thanks to everybody who’s been with us so far, and if you’re new to the family then hold on tight!

The Kooks will be touring UK and Europe from April and you find their tour dates here.

Listen to Be Who You Are below.



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