Björk Releases New Disturbingly Beautiful Video For ‘Notget’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

Our favourite Icelandic artist Björk has just released a new music video for the track Notget, taken from 2015’s Vulnicura. In true Björkish eclecticism, the video is wonderfully mad, depicting a digital avatar of the singer surrounded by mutating tentacular-globs that strobe with different coloured lights. Imagine combining Björk with an iTunes visualiser circa-2007 and you’ll get what I’m on about.

The song itself is twisted and dark, yet also harbours those sweet soporific tones that Björk is known for. Along with the beautiful visual, this track really intensifies, becoming both disturbing and enchanting simultaneously.

The video was directed by Warren Du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones, and follows the trailer for the VR music video Family, and the VR videos Björk released for Black Lake and Stonemilker.

Check out the trippy video for Notget here:

Credit: Björk


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