MICKY Is Better And Brighter On ‘Carry Myself’

Written by Kelsey Raynor

MICKY, known for his live-performance magnetism and glamour, has reawakened his fans with Carry Myself. The New York-via-Californian artist takes another stride in his career after the success of his rock, pop and soul single, Candid that now has over 300K plays on Spotify.

Michael Persall himself explains, “it’s really a confidence anthem. The best version of you is usually the one where you’re most confident, so I wrote it with that mindset.”

Carry Myself is MICKY’s prodigal new single; consumed by baritone sax, bass grooves and MICKY’s lyrical cascade. In this release, we see MICKY maneuver away from pop into music’s retro domain. Taking inspiration from artists such as James Brown and present-days such as Bruno Mars. MICKY’s track is recorded at Brooklyn’s Shifted Recording and co-produced with Mike Irish.

In addition to his fans, critics are mad for MICKY too. Vinyl Noise state “…his song writing is honest, bare and to the point.” Whilst Hullabaloo comment that “Micky blends his love of Motown, R&B, and 60s rock ‘n’ roll to create some seriously infectious retro pop gems.”

Listen to Carry Myself below.



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