Atticus Brings Underground Electro-Soul To Our Ears With ‘These Walls’

Written by Rahoul Naik

Matt began writing music from a young age, quickly developing a quirky and unique sound. The next few years were spent gigging In and around his hometown of Leeds, as well as writing for his debut EP. In 2012 Matt released his first E.P. Zenith to relative critical acclaim. His second E.P. Out Of The Dark released in 2015 was distributed worldwide by Sony.

But Matt transitioned from an acoustic performer to Atticus growing from the underground electronic indie scene. This is where These Walls and the upcoming EP, ATTICUS come in.

Although influenced by the likes of Chet Faker, The XX and Bon Iver, Atticus finds inspiration from personal life relationships after losing his Mother at the age of 16. Music became a form of therapy, helping Atticus put his feelings to paper, tackling his personal tragedies, rather than those of the world.

The track settles on a blend of electro, blues and jazz styles, whilst still using raw under produced vocals highlighting the emotion behind the lyrics. It flirts between bass driven R&B and types of electro- and nu-soul that we have come to expect from the likes of NAO, James Vickery and Tom Misch.

These Walls is but a glimpse into the dark, electronic world that Atticus confides in and perhaps as we near closer to the pending EP, we will be able to really explore Atticus and his purpose.

Listen to These Walls below.



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