Sabrina Claudio ‘Confidently’ Mesmerises Us With Debut EP

Written by Dorica Santos

Normally I don’t agree with Youtube’s suggestions but Miami artist, Sabrina Claudio, is one of the best suggestions I’ve had and I have been hooked ever since. Initially, I thought she was stunning, but as stubborn as I am, I wanted to see if her beauty matched her voice. It did. If you know me, I like to dress in baggy clothes and joggers on a daily basis, but listening to this EP makes me want to dress up fancy, feel sexy and suave. Claudio has clearly mastered her way around RnB/Soul and has a confirmed spot amongst the up-coming songstresses of today, which includes Esty, Jorja Smith and Ella Mai.

The EP opens up with Too Much Too Little, where Claudio sings to her lover about how much she admires them yet, she realises her mistakes and hopes its not “too much too late.” Admittedly, the track isn’t the strongest track on the EP, but this does not cancel out Claudio’s gorgeous voice and ability to keep you entertained from the off.

Claudio instantly states her intentions early on Tell Me, where the lyrics extend the topic of ‘Too Much Too Little,’ and Claudio extends her voice with elegance. She captures the need and desire to understand her lover, but in a way where she doesn’t come across too desperate. Similar to Tell Me there is a slight tempo change on Running Thru Lovers, and Claudio maintains her silky voice.

Confidently Lost was the song that made me fall in love and is a track I recommend you listen to regardless. It beautifully captures the soul and character of Claudio; graceful, classy and sexy. Confidently Lost narrates the life of someone who is lost but does not feel ashamed; as they are finding themselves and learning new things everyday. Likewise, the music video perfectly sums up how one should feel and dress whilst listening to this track. The song is very poetic and very relatable to most of us.

I first fell in love with Confidently Lost, but I stayed in love with Orion’s Belt. Unlike the previous tracks, Claudio voice transforms into a low, alluring sensation and takes you to anther universe. The backing track is simple and replicates a galaxy feeling, with simple synths and a steady slow beat, forcing you to focus on her vocal range and seductive lyrics; “Your mind is asking for my love/ And you just need to hear it.”

Without a doubt Sabrina Claudio has a gift. She reminds me, just slightly, of raw talented musicians like, Dido and Sade. With the combination of her delicate voice and relatable lyrics, Claudio can encourage any girl or woman, to explore and to be free. As many people may know, it takes a lot of effort to get me out my joggers and dress up to go out, yet listening to Claudio tempts me to do just this. If you’re looking for a boost of confidence or simply tracks to vibe to, I strongly suggest that you listen to this EP.

You can Sabrina on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Check out the video for Confidently Lost below.

Credit: Sabrina Claudio


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