Kwaye Looks To Redefine ‘Cool Kids’ On New Single

Written by Travis Martin

London up and new coming artist has released Cool Kids a nu-soul single that takes you into another world.

The 22 year old single hits us with a nostalgic 80s pop, funk and nu-soul, integrating the 3 rather different genres together perfectly. Kwaye leads the song into an artistic and poetic direction at times that brings out the most profound of emotions.

The music video is a beautiful piece of art, captured in a run down estate of London. Everything about the video is smooth from his clothes to his slow fluid movements. There also are signs of empowerment of oneself, where he states that we decide what is cool and “we don’t have to sit on the back of the bus“, a connotation to what society has described as a cool status amongst school children.

Kwaye hits back at society’s expectation on what makes you cool.

We are looking forward to see what Kwaye can offer next in 2017.

Listen to the track below.

Credit: KWAYE


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