Allan Kingdom Links Up With Cadenza For New Single ‘Vibes’

Written by Kelsey Raynor

Starting the month with an announcement of the project LINES and the release of Know About It, fans have been lead to assume that Allan Kingdom is working on something that’ll be no less than amazing when it’s released on the 17th of April.

As a member of collaborative hip-hop group TheSt4ndard as well as having previously collaborated with Kanye West among many other names, Kingdom is becoming ever more apparent in the global hip-hop scene and is an artist that we should all be keeping our eyes on.

Kingdom is now continuing to encourage fans excitement by releasing Vibes. Produced by and featuring Cadenza, Allan has publicly said “When I made the song it was my first-time meeting Cadenza and experiencing the energy and nightlife out in London on my own. I hope everyone feels the same vibes I do when we recorded it.”

Having prolonged his trip to London to ensure this track was complete, Kingdom has made it evident that there is an artistic alliance between himself and Cadenza. Cadenza’s Jamaican background flows through the track in both the cadence and the Caribbean influenced percussion, working perfectly alongside Kingdoms vocals.

Listen to Vibes below.



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