The Road To Global 12: Introducing DeeWain

Written by Rahoul Naik

If you’ve not heard of Global 12, where have you been? If that’s seriously the case, then we’ll update you a little. The Global 12 Festival is a collection, nay, a veritable smörgåsbord of international talent, who are uniting on stage on September 2nd to battle it out for the coveted Global Artist of the Year Award.

The festival is being run by Shodement, who focus their work around exposing new and developing musical talent in the world. Since launching, Shodement has grown to over 3 million combined views around the world and its creative agency arm has executives on the platform that delivered campaigns for major brands including Vogue, Adidas, Universal Music, Sony Music and SBTV.

In the evening of the festival, 12 artists from around the world will be performing, or I should say, competing to become Global Artist of the Year. Frequency 21 will be introducing all twelve in the months running up to event. Today it is my pleasure to introduce you to one of the acts who will be performing at Global 12: DeeWain.

DeeWain is a rapper, singer and dancer hailing from London and will be looking to take the Global Artist Of The Year Award on home turf. Citing the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince, Jay-Z and Whitney Houston as some of his biggest influences, you can already tell the vibe that he brings.

2017 saw the release of the artist’s debut project, Sense Of Entitlement. The project is very much like DeeWain’s CV, boasting his skills in both singing and rapping with sounds changing throughout to show a rather eclectic range of influences; but still rocking that skater-boy hip-hop.

The project has slowly gathered attention towards the young artist and his quirky videos most definitely show what DeeWain is about in less than 3 minutes, something many still struggle to do.

Speaking about the influence London has had on his music, DeeWain said that “London has definitely had a huge impact on my music and style because it’s a place of many different cultures and different walks of life. 

There’s so much inspiration and creative energy in London from Brixton, to Shoreditch to Camden there’s so much going and that helps me to push my craft even further. I feel that the creative energy enforces my style and how I carry myself. I want to be as creative with my clothes as I am with my music.

In terms of music I’m not a grime artist, I’m more Hip Hop/RnB but when it comes to flows that London sound and arrogance impacts me. 

I think its the swag and attitude that’s brought to it, that’s what I want to bring to my music. That London confidence.”

Regarding one of the more poignant tracks on the project, The n word, DeeWain commented that “there’s a lot that inspired this song to be honest. Definitely situations in the ends, teenage knife crime/killings etc. But I feel in our community and in this industry we’ve normalised the n word so much to the point that we’re desensitised to the meaning of it and our meaning of a ‘real n word’ is wrong and it gets us into situations. 

I’m a believer in if you put you’re mind to it you can achieve anything, so I wanted to emphasise the word ‘never’. It’s powerful and if you want to go somewhere in life it can’t be used. So on this song I twisted the meanings of the words; the first verse is telling you how we’re desensitised to ‘the n word’ the second verse is showing how ‘never’ is the n word in that particular verse, the word ‘never’ has such a strong impact on our minds.

We’re really excited to see DeeWain play at the Global 12 Festival this September and we’re sure many of you will be rooting for him too.

In the meantime, you can find DeeWain on Facebook and check out his video for Sense Of Entitlement below.

Credit: DeeWain33 _


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