Nike Helps To Reunite Big H With Bloodline

Written by Edward Burrell

Big H has just released a new single on SBTV and ITunes called Nike Air Max. The Nike sponsorship is evident, but this song will be successful even without such support. With features from Bloodline crew members President T and Bossman Birdie, the whole crew appears to be united once again and the result is brilliant.

The catchy hook from Big H compliments the instrumental cooked up by Bloodline’s very own DJ Doe Boy. With plenty of quotable lyrics and punch lines, this song is certain to receive some reloads when it eventually gets played on the radio. As much as some might jump to the conclusion that Bloodline sold out, Big H’s flow is as aggressive and bouncy as ever which makes us believe he still capable of him being the same MC he was during his glory days with the album Street Crime UK

The features also kept the standards high with President T gracing the track his trademark flow and lyricism. As playful as it sounds, the grit that President T and nature that the Grime scene has is very much still there. Bossman Birdie made the reunion of bloodline official with the lyrics stressing upon the bond between the three of them, how they present themselves, and bragging about the respect that Bloodline has gain over the years.

People will be very quick to bring up the fiasco at the Lord of the Mics clash with Big H and P Money however this song proves he has put that behind him and is ready to pick up the microphone again as this single is taken from his upcoming album entitled Oracle

With productivity at an all-time high, two facts remain constant:

  1. Bloodline are back
  2. H is Gully

Listen to the track below.

Credit: SBTV: Music


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