Mura Masa Teams Up With Charli XCX On Summery Release ‘1 Night’

Written by Jack Andrew Cribb

A one night romance, burning fast and bright, is the subject matter for Mura Masa’s new track 1 Night, which features pop maestro Charli XCX.

The song is playful, short and sweet, carried by a video-game like bassline, Mura Masa’s penchant for steel drum samples, and Charli XCX’s cute lyricisms and unique voice. In conversation with Radio 1’s MistaJam, Mura Masa said:

“I think I just had that beat lying around for a while and we sent it to a couple of people. Then Charli just did her thing. I think with a song like that and with someone like Charli, it was important to me not to make just another pop song. It had to be a little bit more interesting. I think hopefully this achieves a little bit of both worlds, like something from her world and something from my world.”

1 Night is the latest single from the British producer and self-titled ‘beat slayer’ (We’ll be stealing that one), and is the latest release from his upcoming debut album To Fall Out Of Love To, which does not yet have a release date.

The song is pretty fun, and thanks to those steel drums, damn summery, good for the coming warmer weeks. Check it out here.

Credit: MuraMasaVEVO


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