Dantevilles Continue To Forge Their Own Path With New Release ‘Graffiti’

Written by Kai Feltham

The North of England is a region blessed as the origin of a plethora of great indie rock bands. From the stalwarts of Oasis, The Stone Roses and even The Beatles to the almost weekly emergence of ‘the next big thing’, the North never fails to impress upon the ears of indie rock fans. One of many new bands working their way onto this scene is Dantevilles, hailing from one of the primary epicentres of the archetypal band; Manchester. Returning on March 3rd with their fourth release, and eighth published track to date, Dantevilles are working their way further into the scene with typical indie rock number Graffiti.

Consisting of the four band members Jamie Gallagher, Connor McNicholas, Paul Tanton and Cory Devine, Dantevilles are just starting to forge their own path through the saturated world of guitar-based indie rock. Two short EPs and a standalone single was all it required to persuade the pen-pushers of the music industry to take a punt on these four lads from Manchester, kicking off 2017 by signing a first record deal with ‘Heist or Hit’ Records. Following exposure on both BBC Radio One and Radio X, Dantevilles provided erstwhile support for BRIT Awards Best Breakthrough Act Nominees Blossoms who themselves have been selling out tours across the UK after only one album. With an inimitable style and entertainingly energetic live show of their own to boot, don’t bet against Dantevilles being one of the next bands to experience such sudden success.

Following on from Perfect Place, Graffiti is Dantevilles first release of 2017 and adds to the distinctive sound that they have already established. The trio of guitars pluck contrasting notes and chords alongside one another, producing consistent dance-worthy riffs throughout the track. As well as this, the unique nature of Dantevilles is borne through their continual commitment to sharing lead vocal duties between frontmen and guitarists Jamie Gallagher and Connor McNicholas, their two distinct voices shining both individually and in tandem. The overall nature of Graffiti is joyful and optimistic; its raw energy shining through even just upon listening. Catchy choruses are becoming an early hallmark of Dantevilles work, evident here and also in previous singles It Might Be Tomorrow and Colour. Graffiti is no different, only serving to add to their gradually growing reputation as one of the more exciting new bands emerging from the illustrious Manchester scene. Graffiti is short and sweet, weighing in at just under three minutes in length. Numerical statistics and facts are irrelevant in music though, the only crucial truths being that Graffiti is cheerful, uplifting and laced with indie rock optimism. With new single Graffiti and all of their work to date, Dantevilles are establishing their own identity on the busy Manchester scene, guaranteed to provide some serious dancing material to any casual listener of indie rock.

Dantevilles are on tour in Spring 2017, bringing their raucously fun live show to the following dates:


25 Glasgow: Mcchuills

26 Birmingham: The Sunflower Lounge

30 Stowmarket: John Peel Centre

31 London: The Rocksteady


1 Southampton: Joiners

7 Manchester: Jimmy’s NQ

8 Manchester: Jimmy’s NQ

Listen to Graffiti below, buy on iTunes, and keep your eyes peeled for more from this exciting up-and-coming British band.

Credit: Dantesvilles


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